Maruti Naik

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सकाळी चालताना
अजान ऎकत
दिवस उगवतो

नऊच्या सुमारास
शेजारच्या घरातला
शंख ऐकत
मी लॅपटॉप उघडतो
काम सुरु होतं

संध्याकाळी पाच — सहा वाजता
एक बासरी वाला
सुंदर धून वाजवत
आपल्या घरी जातो
पाखरा वाणी

रात्री ऐकू येणारा
siren चा आवाज
मी हळूच डोळे मिटतो
नमस्कार करतो
कधी काळी शिकलेली
मध्यंतरी विसरलेली
आता पुन्हा आठवलेली
प्रार्थना म्हणतो


मैं और मेरे टेलीप्रॉम्प्टर
अक्सर ये बाते करते हैं
सच्चाई अगर लिखी होती
तो कैसा होता
मित्र ये केहते
भक्त वो कहते
गोदी मीडिया इस बात पे हैरान होती
खाखी चड्डी भी कितनी हंसती
सच्चाई अगर लिखी होती तब कैसे फेकता
झुमलो की रोटियां कैसे सेख़ता
मैं और मेरे….


टैलिप्राम्प्टर ने पुछा कैमरा से
की देखा है कही
जहापनाह सा हसीं
कैमरा ने कहा
ज़ूम लेंस की कसम
नहीं नहीं नहीं


kabhi aar
kabhi paar
laagey teer e nazaar
bhai kisney bandh kar diya
tele prompter

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some days its
at my brother’s bedside
as he lies
engulfed by tubes
and machines
keeping him alive
me making a wish
for him to get up
and go fishing one last time
the doctor reaching out
and putting off the ventilator
the flat line on the screen
the beeps
wake me up…

A good friend wrote back, after reading this poem . She asked "What is your idea of an equal sky"?

this is what I wrote back -

a sky that all can look at

gasp at the colors

it reveals at dawn

marvel at the colors

it displays at dusk

a daily reminder of its


with that great artist called nature

the sky a canvas

bespoke to each beholder

a sky that allows

someone to find words

hidden in the stars it shelters

and that immortal verse

etched across the moon

waxing and waning

testing patience

teasing ability

staying just beyond

the poet's grasp

a sky that cradles hope

in a tern finding

its way home

and providing joy for a child

as it nestles the kite she holds

a sky not owned by any one

a sky that belongs to every one

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once important
now abandoned
mute witness of
dreams unfulfilled
course corrected

some entries
elicit a chuckle
with the aid of hindsight
some wrench out a sigh
relief at a bullet dodged
others a regret
a tear wells up

memory struggles
to attach a face
to some names
friends then
not even acquaintances now

the past mocks
neatly stacked into
memories organised
in folders
a simpler life promised
descended into chaos

first hot
then rediff
moved to g
and now proton
address and ids
surrender to a
new algorithm
chasing calm
or a fresh chaos

life goes on…

Maruti Naik

Maruti Naik

I write to remember. I write to remain honest. I write to leave a bread crumb trail for my daughter. I write to relax. Trying to impress my better half, I write