words we must write, songs we must sing

Maruti Naik
3 min readFeb 21, 2022

This contains some lines i wrote in support of our famers protest — all posted on twitter as well.

deny us justice
take away our shade
your pettiness visible
your insecurity on parade

you called us names
false narratives portrayed
our resolve stays unbroken
our bodies beaten and flayed

you roam your castle
soaked in blood of our six hundred
their voice rings through us
at your spiked barricade

walls crumbling roof quaking
the rain getting in
will soak you to the bone and
rattle your throne

by now souls would shiver
conscience would stir
but we understand
these were sold long ago
they now lie chained
at the feet of the duo

everyday they pick up
their ploughs
wiping away sweat of their brows
fighting nature’s changing mood
they toil each day to get us food

deadly duo can only harrow
triple whammy
by minds so narrow
their sentry can say
uthao laathi, sar pe maaro

you cut down trees
to deny us shade
all it means is
your star has begun to fade

the lies you spread
why art thou so afraid
truth lies in wait
its debt will have to be paid

time will come
you will ‘ve to go
your armies don’t scare
no one, no more

the teams opposite
the B team

the C team

the D team

a battle won
the war remains
we have to stand strong
the road ahead
hard and long
dustbin is
where those laws belong

300 days
the battle rages on
he leaves to address
the world
domestic stage so small
his ambition loftier
takes off in his new toy
as if to say he gives a flying ….

across the barricades
the farmers wait steadfast
4 seasons done
they prepare for another winter

no howdies
no headlines
he returns empty
exactly the same
as he had left

last night
around nine
stepped out
the most “hard working” man
to check if history being made
is as per specification
barricades moved
for a photo or 2
no time for those
with a question or 2

photos की दुकान चालू
जवाबो की दुकान बंद है

for them
oppression is a game
so they used a SUV
to massacre
to crush

after this video
will the courts
still wait
for petitions
move suo moto

after this video
will the lawyers
busy writing poems
chasing beatific smiles
pick up their robes
and join the battle

where art thou
when needed the most

tomorrow the masters
will displace ads
announcing mega sales
as their photos
pointing to mythical lands
will flood the front pages

while you struggle
to find the truth
you may just hear
someone laughing
that’s the paper owner
on his way to the bank

No song for those
who died gasping
for bodies
which floated away
for the ones
left behind orphaned
for the ones
who came back home
feet calloused, spirits broken

the song that glorifies
out of tune with reality
a shabby cover
to drown the wails
to hide the tears
air brush the despair
the song now foisted
actually is
a dirge of denial
listen carefully



Maruti Naik

I write to remember. I write to remain honest. I write to leave a bread crumb trail for my daughter. I write to relax. Trying to impress my better half, I write