Who killed Judge Loya

Maruti Naik
3 min readMay 29, 2022


A most fascinating investigation by a most remarkable person. Scenes from “All the President’s Men”, “Spotlight” and “the Post” kept running in parallel lines along with the visuals brought out by the book; alongwith this line from the Chernobyl series “Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid”. The common thread in all these is the lies, the inevitable bowing down by some and then some choosing the comforts of compromise and cover up. Then in the other corner stand the crazy ones like Niranjan Takle who are wedded to the insistence of finding the truth, looking danger fair and square in the eye and somehow finding the courage.

An object lesson in how to conduct an investigation, the flow charts, the mind maps and holding onto a thread to unravel the ball of lies. Chance indeed favours the prepared mind. For me the most fascinating part was when the investigation truly turned personal. A young boy evastated by the turn of events and completely losing his faith in the world around him. A young girl requesting her father to bring back the faith. And a father responding.

This is a meticulous expose. Fascinating to read how the author pieced together the puzzle of a thousand parts. the sensitive handling of the family, making sure that decency rules he super break in the hospital, the standing up to the fluorescent ones, the disappointment at the week, the turn of events at the Caravan,the holding together till that most awesome of birthday gifts. A rollercoaster of a journey, testing the very core of a person’s beliefs the tender heart touching moments spent with a very brave family, the heartbreaker discussions with various politicians and yes you will find that one person who did something to bring this to attention. Our very own Rahul Gandhi.

This is a deeply personal tale of anguish, heartbreak, courage and most importantly absolutely brilliant journalism.
This is a tale of friends who stand by you no matter what happens
This is a tale of inspiration in these bleak times
This is a tale of family
This is a tale of digging deep and raging against the dark
and most of all
This is a tale of a dead judge who awaits justice!

To Niranjan baab, I can only express my deep gratitude at what he has achieved. To self publish this book does take some doing. I hope someday a movie/tele series is made using this book as a source. More than that I hope that someone in the present state govt opens up an investigation into this and gets to the bottom. All the 3 stories I mentioned in my first post achieved closure. That’s what Judge Loya also demands from us as a society. no point is letting this slide and turning the other way.

finally I appeal to all, especially those who throng “spaces” whenever Niranjan baab is around, just to hear him speak. Order a copy for self and for your friends/local library/relatives.

This is the time for solidarity

Remember the judge who awaits justice
Remember the debt



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