waving from the shore

Maruti Naik
1 min readOct 10, 2023
Photo by Iraj Ishtiak on Unsplash

to see death toy with a loved one is possibly the greatest of all misery.
the sense of helplessness, the limit of medical resources and the utter uselessness of the money at your disposal is so stark at such a time.

i think its better that death comes silently and takes away that person gently, without the indignity of a suffocating demise. a life well lived, deserves to be celebrated and not laid low by a slow shutting down of each faculty.

i wish death were kind and gracious. not just for the person concerned but also for the family left behind. I wish it lets the final memories be as nice as the ones before.

but then, a sudden passing away does not leave time for goodbyes. so which one is “better”?

in any case, the important thing is that we should let people we love, know how much they mean to us more often.

in the end we must all go back into the nothingness we came from. we must now get ready for the good boatman; get ready for waving from the shore.



Maruti Naik

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