The reign of the beard

Maruti Naik
1 min readMay 2, 2019

black box missing,
sealed covers in vogue like fogg,
old files burning,
clean chits streaming down,
like snow covering tracks,
of the yeti who turned out to be a bear,
dare you ask, how i fare.

i am king,
i reign supreme,
my ministers are not contesting,
but then i don’t need a team,
all they need to do is copy and paste,
the words i send them,
spinning yarns around,
decisions taken in haste.

enough is enough,
let’s make our voices heard,
may the 23rd,
see the end of this,
reign of the beard.



Maruti Naik

I write to remember. I write to remain honest. I write to leave a bread crumb trail for my daughter. I write to relax. Trying to impress my better half, I write