the great exodus

Maruti Naik
2 min readMay 15, 2020

15.05. 2020

some get laathis
some get cakes
a child on a bag
a government forsakes

people wanting positivity
turn their face
oblivious to misery
to newer depths they race

robed ones feign ignorance
believing the state
that no one has starved
that great is their fate

the exodus continues.


in the dead of the night
parents walking back home
will calm down crying children
bacche so jaa
kal bees lakh karod aane hai

the roads from tomorrow
will be a lot cooler
and not cause a blister
ek waqt ka khaana aaj mila hai kal bees lakh karod aane hai


there was once a point focal
go local be vocal
but then we know this proposal
nothing but a jhumla total



as they make their way home
their identity changing from
labourers to migrants
and now both

that they are citizens
is forgotten by sevaks in power
busy recycling “packages”
with zeroes entering their teens

he said like in the great epic
the war will be done in 21
seems this chakravyuh we are in
is a thousand mazes in one

their slogans are done
their tasks are over
their promises still tall
in this bemisaal saal

The exodus continues…


Govt in its element

short haul no problem
says Mr Puri
middle seat me baitho
why worry about doori

citizens walking
why make a fuss
walking is good
send back the bus

don’t sack no worker
pay what is due
while we spend on laathis
to beat them blue

Note: Did not include water — given the havoc created by the typhoon in Bengal and Odisha.



Maruti Naik

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