morning walk — waltzin-Matunga

Maruti Naik
2 min readDec 24, 2022
cafe in Matunga

the central side
of my city
a little less happening
equally dug up though

this time around
it was a truck
which pulled up alongside
pointed out the right direction
he must have reached by now

widened streets
the extra lane occupied by
ricks, taxis
waiting to make
this city
what it has turned into
only the sea
prevents it from complete annihilation

a sweeper
masked and gloved
collecting dust
into mounds separate
and then into one
a lone warrior
making an effort
I tipped my hat

I met the sun
around the BKC junction
the difference
between the first two letters
made starkly clear
then across all the gardens
flyovers now cutting through them
food stalls outside sion hospital
now with court status

then a colony
where the remaining buildings
of old
are making friends
with glistening towers

straining their necks
they seemed to reach
just the parking lots
where shiny cars
were stacked
to the rafters packed
nearest the owners
will ever experience
a virar local

a friend met
bread broken
in a quaint cafe
an oasis of memories
in the ever expanding
concrete desert

books, films
the yatra
and stubborn dreams
nice to catch up
for the first time
in person
nice to make
a new friend

for DK who goes by the handle @logicaldk on Twitter



Maruti Naik

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