morning walk

Maruti Naik
1 min readJan 25, 2023

these beautiful lines from the song: याडं लागलं — by Ajay Atul- movie, Sairat — quite easily their best album yet. fantastic tribute to Illayraja

झोप लागना सपान जागवाया लागलं
पाखरू कसं आभाळ पांघराया लागलं

the lights come up in houses around me, some folks sticking to their daily routine, some discover that it is Sunday switch off lights and go back to sleep, some lights were on at 5:30 when I started — students I assume random pattern of light emerges before the sun takes over.

milk in modest plastic pouches getting elbowed out by glass bottles promising organic, low fat, milk drawn out from happy cows. Newspapers with all manner of ads promising the earth & moon. brown bread and brun paav. fresh batch of security guards. car washers and dog walkers.

the sun takes its time. its winter — even in Mumbai. folks staying on the floor above mine must get ready for visitors; a crow just bawled its heart out in their balcony.

Not a soul has stirred at home. guess I will have to make tea.




Maruti Naik

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