Lockdown learning

Maruti Naik
1 min readJul 16, 2020

in no real order of importance — some random thoughts

  1. we now very clearly, know the difference between our needs and wants.
  2. read, read, read — best way to spend your spare time. Also recommended is good music and a good movie.
  3. keep calm, speak to a friend every day, keep spirits up. reach out to the elderly in your family — make maximum use of video calling. they love to see you
  4. for all those working endless hours from home, don’t. Switch off at 6 p.m. Leadership should ensure no burnout. life goes on; its ok to go a bit easy in these times. keep your flock safe. empathise. avoid headphones.
  5. nothing is worth your peace of mind. no amount of money or fame
  6. no amount of “i love you” is enough. don’t let it get cloying though
  7. the things we miss most are the ones most dear to us
  8. no mask has been invented for two faced people
  9. take a day off — do nothing — its ok
  10. exercise — yoga, spot jogging, anything will do
  11. when the going gets really tough — there is always rammurthy avare (danish sait)



Maruti Naik

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