Keep buggering on

Maruti Naik
3 min readJun 24, 2019

Many thanks to the people who reached out to speak about the article i had posted just after the election got done. It was almost like a scene from a sci fi movie; earth in shambles, a despotic power rules, people stumbling out of the darkness, seeking each other, helping each other regain their feet, the resistance starting afresh….

It’s now a month with the moniker; finally time to take it down. Time for new beginnings. Fresh resolve.

Nothing much seems to have changed in the last 30 days. The march towards a well thought of majoritarian country continues. This is supported by a section of the media which peddles justification cloaked as balance and yet another which has clearly crossed over. The same people who went after the previous governments are now so much in love with the present dispensation.

We were told that a helicopter was indeed lost in friendly fire, our jawans felled by our own. No condolences, no meetings with their photos as a backdrop, not even the usual tweet. They have been forgotten, consumed by the next news cycle. The truth finally uncovered, did not bother the ones who had voted in favor. Not one stood and asked why was this not revealed before. Maybe it would not have made a difference. Maybe they are just not bothered.

We had scenes of legislators being heckled while taking oath, slogans which should never have entered the hallowed halls — rang high and true; they are still not bothered.

We had children dying, politicians staying silent to protect friends, the same promises resurfacing like plays from a playbook. Politicians came in quite late, did nothing but ask for cricket scores and one engaged like Garfield in deep thought. They are still not bothered

We were told that the GDP numbers of the recent past may have been incorrectly computed; they are still not bothered.

We were finally told that indeed 12000 plus farmers had committed suicide in the last five years; they are still not bothered. The much flouted micro irrigation scheme has not delivered results; they are still not bothered.

Sewers continue to gobble up people like an unforgiving border consumes those who are sent there to protect us, they are still not bothered.

A friend posted about doctors on strike, called out the seculars to come forth, clearly articulating why the strike happened. I sent him a bunch of articles where other doctors had been similarly assaulted. Not a word from him since then.

Lynchings continue, the economy is in shambles — Viral quit just in time; yet they are just not bothered.

All in all, we are where we were. Up against a bunch of people who have yet to accept responsibility. They are now occupying this wonderful position of well we just voted, now its up to the people in government. They feel no sense of ensuring accountability from those that they have elected. They have been aided by a pantheon of liberals who have managed to lower the standards required for governance. (Do read Praveen’s artcle on this subject — I have a feeling, that they never will. This has given the people in power a kind of a free reign, unhindered by the need of accountability. They will attempt to bring up stuff even more ill thought off than demonetisation; already started with this one election nonsense. The real issues of unemployment, health care, basic governance will all sought to be swept out of public conscience. We will have most news anchors berating doctors instead of the government. We will have debates on the most inconsequential of things.

So what now. There is just one option, keep buggering on. Keep the questions flowing. Also focus on getting into the thick of things; filed my first RTI application a few weeks ago. Drum up support, talk to as many people one can, especially those who forward you crap on whatsapp, attempt to convince them to at least check before forwarding. Keep encouraging your own side, recognize attempts to divide and importantly always be ready to fight the good fight.

As the Leonard Cohen song goes,
“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in”.

KBO, dear friends, KBO.



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