Maruti Naik

Oct 23, 2017

2 min read

Democracy’s XI — MS

Recently I saw Bishan Bedi on “Breakfast with Champions”, a web show by Gaurav Kapoor. In that show, Bishan Bedi came up with an absolute gem when he stated it takes “junoon and sakoon” to be successful in cricket and life in general.

If there is one person who symbolises this phrase, it has to be MS. His passion for the game, unbridled and flowing like the mane he once sported, somehow co-exists with his zen like composure. Living one innings at a time seems to come naturally to him; Rajdeep brings this out expertly and he also touches upon a raw spot when he delves into the IPL controversy. The IPL episode is not something one finds freely written about. This chapter also brings about the stories of many cricketers from small town India, their struggles, their determination and Rajdeep manages to bring about a parallel with a changing India. Dhoni dons the mantle of an icon of these changing times with such ease, in the spirit of “to the manor born”. While i absolutely adore Dhoni and what he has done for Indian cricket (do read — been a tad uncharitable to Kumble in the opening comments), I feel he was on the wrong end of the Srinivasan affair. He should have done the right thing and walked out of CSK, but then to each his own and Dhoni has always gone through life on his own terms. His decision to retire came as a huge surprise to many and in a way talks of his pragmatic mindset, recognising that it was indeed time to make way for youngsters and also keep himself going till the 2019 world cup. It will be interesting to see how the great finisher closes down on his cricketing career; will he push and prod or give it his all, will the helicopter soar as before, does it have in him to give us one more memory, stronger than that 6 to win the world cup of 2011, will we as spectators be able to bid him a fond farewell…fingers crossed. I hope (Rajdeep does mention this in his chapter as well) he does not go the usual commentary route that ex cricketeers seem to prefer, instead he should get into active politics, something tells me he will be an able administrator.

I write to remember. I write to remain honest. I write to leave a bread crumb trail for my daughter. I write to relax. Trying to impress my better half, I write

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