a new quiet dawn — 2023

Maruti Naik
Jan 2, 2023


may a ferry always
be at hand
when you meet a river
even a bridge will do
I know
but then
ferry crossings are lovelier

may you always find
a road
that brings you home
I read somewhere
those are the shortest journeys
and if you tire
in the pursuit of happiness
may the beats find you

may you find strength
to climb those steps
to the quiet company
of quieter friends

write more
travel more
walk more
listen more
capture more
may your journey
to love and peace
be more enjoyable
than the years before

The Yatra continues



Maruti Naik

I write to remember. I write to remain honest. I write to leave a bread crumb trail for my daughter. I write to relax. Trying to impress my better half, I write